Top Education’s first Teaching & Learning Forum for 2019

On 31st July 2019, Senior Lecturer and Finance Discipline Leader Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, successfully organised the first Teaching & Learning Forum for 2019 at Top Education Institute’s (TOP) brand new teaching premises at Yerrabingin House located in the up and coming business precinct of South Eveleigh (previously known as the Australian Technology Park).

More than 30 of the institute’s academic teaching staff attended the event, including TOP’s Provost – Prof. Peter Eddey, Dean of the Sydney City School of Business – Prof. Greg Elliot and other senior lecturers from the Sydney City School of Business.

The theme of this forum was ‘student engagement’ and below are some of the topics that were presented by TOP’s academic teaching staff:

• Active learning, real-world learning activities
• Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care
• Create a lifetime of diligent learning
• Class engagement and participation – a discussion with peers
• Feedback: Relevant, Important & Expected. The ESL student experience
• Code of conduct for students
• Student engagement: Challenges and opportunities
• Group assignments and teamwork
• Polling websites for student engagement

Each of the speakers made a 10-minute presentation on their chosen topic followed by Q & A session which inspired a live and interactive discussion from the audience. The topic: ‘Polling Websites for Student Engagement’ presented by Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, drove the discussion further and supported the focus of the forum to increasing student engagement at TOP as a teaching and learning priority.

To conclude, Dean of the Sydney City School of Business – Prof. Greg Elliot shared a video on how classrooms and learning environments of the future will apply artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to make 500 students interact with the lecturer the same time. Prof. Elliot pointed out that TOP is actively undergoing curriculum innovation by introducing AI and big data in its existing courses in order to become a cutting-edge education provider in line with industry and market demands. He encourages all lecturers keep up to date with the latest technological developments.

This forum achieved great success through the exchange of different teaching and learning experiences and encouraged staff interaction. We look forward with anticipation to the next one.

Below are some photos from the event.

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