New Brand Announcement

On behalf of Top Education Institute’s management and governance teams, I am pleased to announce that the Sydney City School of Business will now be operating under a new name:

Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)

This name change is an important part of a larger strategy to redirect the School in a way that aligns with future models of education that incorporate innovation and new technologies into learning and teaching that is integrated within a smart campus model.

Recently we have had:

  • Self-Accrediting Authority granted to the institute in the field of Management and Commerce for undergraduate and postgraduate (AQF level 5-9) by the regulator, TEQSA
  • Growth and expansion within the business school’s courses since the advent of SAA
  • Expansion to a campus location in Hobart, Tasmania

This overall repositioning will enhance the School’s position as a leading provider of innovative and relevant business courses that fully embrace all the new technologies that are interacting with business education.

In the coming weeks the marketing team will be working closely with key Institute units to provide further information about the necessary process.

The new name has recently been approved by the higher education regulator TEQSA and is also recognised by China’s Ministry of Education as one of only 42 Australian universities or higher education institutions on the Jiaoyu Shewai Jianguan Xinxi Wang (JSJ) list – a trusted source of information for Chinese students when choosing where to study.

We expect the new formats will be fully implemented by Semester 1, March 2020.

Emeritus Professor Brian Stoddart

Chairman, Top Education Council

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