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Dr. David Rosenbaum, Senior Lecturer in Management and Discipline Leader is currently involved in research entitled “Complex change in the nonprofit sector – Organisational lessons learned from the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and where to from here?

Dr. Rosenbaum was a successful recipient of an Internal Research Grant from Top Education Institute.

The intended outcome of this research is embodied in the multi-dimensional challenges of transformational change resulting from a generational shift in organisation-wide service delivery and funding models. Accordingly, the research outcomes are specified as:

First, to be able to identify how Nonprofit Disability Service Organisations (‘NDSO’) have managed the transformational change processes resulting from their implementation of the NDIS, and the manner in which these may be replicated on an industry-wide basis through the development of a sector-specific approach to the management of positive transformational change.

Second, to be able to identify the role that organisational culture and support have played in the transitioning processes, consistent with service program design and delivery outcomes, and the manner in which this may be replicated on an industry-wide basis, where the necessary cultural attributes are identified and integrated within transformational change settings.

Third to be able to identify the relevant leadership characteristics that have been involved in the transitioning and visioning processes of organisations in this sector, and the manner in which such leadership attributes can be developed into a consolidated leadership model for ongoing use throughout this sector into the future.

Interviews to support the qualitative aspect of the research have been conducted with a wide range of organisations, and our thanks go to these organisations for their willingness to be involved in this ground-breaking research. They are:

• Civic Disability Services (NSW)
• Helping Minds (WA & NT)
• Irabina Autism Services (Vic)
• JewishCare (NSW)
• Parkinson’s NSW
• Settlement Services International
• Vincent Industries (Tas)

Additionally, the following organisations have contributed financially to the research as Collaboration Partners and we would like to acknowledge that their small contributions will assist in furthering the larger quantitative aspect of the research which will be undertaken via surveys during the early part of 2020. They are:

• Koorana Child & Family Services (NSW)
• The Junction Works (Vic & Tas)

We are also currently in discussions with 3 other organisations who have also expressed interest in becoming a Research Collaboration Partner.

It is currently anticipated that preliminary findings will be available towards the end of 2019 and the research is expected to be completed by mid 2020.

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